Let’s be brief the trouble with running is its pants!

Why can’t you buy running briefs anymore?

A friend of mine posted a very interesting question on Facebook this week. He was going away for three nights and thus wanted to know that all important question – how many pairs of pants should he pack?

There are a couple of answers here which you can select as appropriate:

 1.      3

2.      4

3.      6

4.      8

5.      1  (the Helen Mirren – don’t worry I’ll explain later)

6. 0

Or to explain in more detail

3 – keeps you covered

4 –  gives you a ‘plus one’ option

6 – is a twice a day change, like an evening wear option, so to speak

8 – is the same as four but you double your money, just in case

1 – is the Helen Mirren option (apparently, she never takes luggage when she travels but buys her clothes from charity shops when she gets there – I read that in a newspaper interview once, so it must be correct).

0 – the Pointless answer

But it got me thinking about a burning question of mine – why can’t you buy running briefs anymore?


 Only Pete at the Runners Centre in Nelson Street ever seemed to sell running briefs

Back when I started running I went to the Runners Centre in Nelson Street, that was Pete’s old place and not only could I get my lycra shorts and leggings but yes you could get some Brooks (at least I think they were) running briefs.

But now, oh no – they don’t do them anymore – try as you might you can’t get them. Is it because Mamils are now extinct, or what? I think we should be told.

I went into Sportslink the other week when I bought my running shoes and nope they don’t do them.

 “You could wear a pair of shorts over your leggings,” the assistant offered.

 And this week I was in Pilch buying a running hat and asked the same question. In fact I always ask, just in case even though I know no-one does them anymore, by which I mean Sportslink and Pilch don’t sell them and I can’t find them online.

“I just wear my boxers underneath,” the sales guy told me. Huh, I thought, ick away the sweat, then? I think not!

In desperation, I asked my wife a few months ago and she found something similar looking on the M&S website.

But running briefs they were not.

And so I have to eke out the Brookes ones for now, knowing that they will soon simply fray away

But really, come on!?

Is it really just me – are we saying there is a global demand of just one for this type of product?

 Is there an enterprising clothing firm out there who makes them..?

I need to know – I only have two pairs and I’m getting too close to the Pointless answer..


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