Runnorfolk – have I got this thing right?

I’ve not posted much on this blog recently. But I think about it a lot.

One of the things at the top of my mind is whether I should call it something else. After all there is Run Norwich now – and don’t people get confused?

Actually, I’m not aware of anyone mixing us up – one is a major annual event in the city attracting 6,000 people, and another is a middle aged running enthusiast posting about his runs and running related things which interest him.

But my wife thinks it’s confusing.

Back in the day when I started my rationale was simple – well it’s about running and running in Norfolk, so the name did what it said on the tin.

But there’s another school of thought that says the name should be more general.

So what else could I call it?

  • Run Around
  • Run Out (of ideas)
  • Out of Puff
  • Slowing down
  • Slowthorpe’s log
  • Useless Running Dad
  • Not running as much as I’d like to these days
  • That was the Run that Was

Anybody else got any ideas?

I’ve been thinking about giving the blog about a bit of a revamp for some time – not done it yet, but got some ideas.

But should I change the name?


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