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You’re..Once..Twice..Three times Saucony

One of my missions this year was to get myself some new running shoes.   In fact, it was one of the three goals I had set myself for 2017 – and like a newly inaugurated president I have pretty… Continue Reading →

Running into trouble with an X-rated blog…apparently

They say you turn into your parents eventually.But if that’s the case, my transformation is a pretty circuitous route – my dad preferred darts to running, five pints instead of 5ks, the Sun on Sunday instead of the Sunday Times…… Continue Reading →

Guest Post: Donna Louise-Bishop Running my way back to me

Writer and former journalist Donna-Louise Bishop, founder and lead tutor of Write Norfolk, explains why this year has been one for realising her dreams – and how running helped along the way. I can still hear Miss Baker’s* voice shouting at… Continue Reading →

Interval running – the gap between two bins

“You need speed, speed’s what you need!” So said Mickey to Rocky Balboa when tasked with getting the Italian Stallion into shape for his first bout with Apollo Creed. Mickey’s method was to get Rocky to chase and catch some… Continue Reading →

Dad, can I come for a run with you? Long running and watching the London Marathon

Sunday’s long run was to be a repeat of last week’s – up to Marriotts Way to Drayton and back, a chance to measure if I had got any better since last week – and use the useful Strava tool… Continue Reading →

Why running with a family is a series of compromises

In my perfect running world my weekly calendar would look something like this: Monday – rest day (cross training, may be bike ride to or after work) Tuesday – short run (intervals, fartlek, speed work) or evening run Wednesday –… Continue Reading →

Guest blog: How running helped me feel like me again and not just a mum

Journalist Sophie Kendall, 28, from Sprowston in Norwich, explains how taking up running after having her first baby, Alex, in October 2015, helped her feel like herself again. Sleepless nights, anxiety and extreme happiness are all emotions and experiences I… Continue Reading →

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