Who can tell me how to find the right running training plan for me?

It’s week two of my training for Run Norwich and the Wissey half marathon, and although I haven’t worked out how to find the right running training plan for me I have to say so far I’m feeling pretty good!

This week I’ve managed two runs on Tuesday and Thursday and have the ‘long’ run planned for Sunday.

 But since it’s been a while since I’ve done any proper event running, I’ve decided to seek out a running training plan. Yet I think I need a bit of help on how to find the right running training plan for me.

 What sort of running training plan do you use?

Up until now my training plans have been pretty simplistic.

When I trained for my first half marathon – the Norwich half at the showground – in 2007 (was it really that long ago..!?) I would aim for three to four runs a week

Basically it would be a short run, a medium run, and a long run  – and all I would do is increase the miles on the long run – and then of course have the all important taper two weeks or so at the end.

 I got the idea for this from Hal Higdon’s book Marathon, which is a good overview of different types of training.

Do you train for mileage or for time?

On the short run days I’d add in a bit of interval running, which basically meant running quickly between the bins at Sloughbottom Park, or running quickly between bus stops, trees etc at various points on my run route.

A frosty morning run at Sloughbottom Park

You get the picture.

That was good enough to get me to 1hr 48 times for my halfs – though that was a few years ago, so I’m not sure if I can do that again now.

 And let’s face it the world has moved on – now you can build a plan on Tom Tom or Strava or any such app to suit you.

And so I’m also thinking I need to add a bit more science into my training plans.

That’s because, even though I’m a bit older, and a bit bigger around the edges, I’d still like to hit 1.48 at Wissey.

(In fact, to tell you the truth I’d really like to do 1.45 but don’t tell anyone, and anyway is that possible at my age..?)

Anyway, I don’t (yet) belong to a running club, though I keep toying with joining one, as I tend to work regular hours.

I’ve signed up to the TrainAsOne app

So I’ve signed up to TrainAsOne the running app which works out a programme for you.

I’ve blogged about it before here as there is a Norfolk link.

 Basically what happens is you input your data and based on that at 6am every morning you get an email detailing what your next scheduled run should be. And as you build up it ups the training programme.


TrainAsOne email
A TrainAsOne email with my recommended run for the day


I’m still a little wedded to my old way of doing things, but I have been (sort of) trying to use it. Although I seem to have found myself a run behind, if that makes sense, so I’m planning catch up a bit.

 But if anyone else is using it, then it would be interesting to hear how you are getting on with it.

 However, I’m just after anything that gives me a bit of focus, so I’ll see what happens.

What is the best book you have ever read about running?

Anyway, I love books and there is a Runner’s World book I keep hearing about which I think I need to get my hands on – called Run Less, Run Faster.

 A couple of friends I know swear by it – has anybody tried it?

 And if anyone’s got any other reading or running training plan tips then please feel free to recommend and share.



Run details
And here is what I actually did!





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  1. Have you ever thought about a running coach? I’ve used Lifelong Endurance (Andrew Simmons) and it was a great experience. Coaches are for all levels and goals! Apps I love are the Garmin Connect App and Strava!

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