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February 2016

Catton Park Run


Is park running part of your training schedule?

Every Saturday hundreds of people gather at a corner of Norwich to take part in the Catton Park Run.

The park is a great place to stroll, walk the dog and of course run – you can take a look here if you want to find out more about it, there’s quite a bit of history behind it, if you like that sort of thing.

The 5km run loops two and half times around the park.

Conditions today were mild, but there was quite a bit of mud about which means you have to think about keeping on your feet, particularly on some of the inclines and little descents where you could come a cropper if you’re not careful.

Because I was running late the runners were starting as I arrived, which also meant I didn’t get to take the photos I wanted to. I’ve attached one anyway, though most of the runners had headed home, so it doesn’t really do the event justice in terms of numbers taking part.

My PB for the Catton Park Run is 24 mins. Today I was just under 28 mins.

Still a way to go but hoping that with the days getting longer I can start to get some more week day runs in.

Go Daddy!

I last ran a Norwich Half Marathon in 2013, and cheering my along the way was my daughter Josephine, who had even drawn her own poster with a disconcertingly life-like picture of yours truly.

Since then I’d eased off the Norwich half – preferring instead the Run Norwich 10k and thinking about trying out some new halfs.

In fact, there is no Norwich Half this year as the organisers are looking to switch it to a spring event so the next one will be in 2017.

Serious runners will be bemoaning the fact that the change messes up their marathon preparations, and I’ll miss the November event and with it the prospect of sleet, snow, rain, and of course winter sun.GoDaddy

All signed up

The talking is over and we are now both signed up to the Norwich50 on June 5. Next step is to work out how to train for it.

My starting point is pretty low – I do have some lycra, and a cycle helmet and a yellow reflective jacket.

Standard cycle distance to work – around 4 miles. Last time achieved, early January.

Latest bike ride to the park – where I ran 3 laps (I call that cross training).

Time to get organised.

Olly and Shaun’s Big Bike Ride

Shaun and Emily 157 Continue reading “Olly and Shaun’s Big Bike Ride”

Building up to a 30 minute run

Running has been pretty basic of late – a weekly bike ride followed by three laps of the park.

So it is time to try and get some miles in the legs. Today was the start with a 30 minute run to the park – actually it was 38 minutes and not too bad.

Next step will be to up that to three times a week, to build a base fitness.

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