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November 2016

How running helped me recover from losing my seat at the General Election

By Shaun Lowthorpe

Title picture by Raymond Taylor (

Simon Wright pulled off a stunning victory in the General Election of 2010 to seize the Norwich South seat for the Liberal Democrats from Charles Clarke by 310 votes. But five years later he finished in fourth place behind both the Conservatives and the Greens as Labour’s Clive Lewis regained the seat with a massive7654 majority.

Speaking exclusively to Runnorfolk over a post run coffee at Britannia Café, overlooking Norwich, he reveals how running helped him overcome the pain of defeat at the Ballot Box and how he is enjoying life in his role as chief executive of the charity Nelson’s Journey.

Runnorfolk (RN): Take us back to the start of running for you. Have you always run, or when did you get into it and how did that happen?

Simon Wright (SW): I started running seriously nearly 18 months ago by which I mean at an intense level of training. It was soon after the election. It was quite a difficult period for a number of reasons, not just political for me. I was looking for new things to do. I was looking for opportunities to explore new hobbies, to explore new ways of using my time and for being active. Continue reading “How running helped me recover from losing my seat at the General Election”

Preventing Blisters



I feel like such a sissy when I get a blister but man they hurt! You try to get through a run but you find yourself limping. I remember when I was training for my first half marathon I went to my schools gym between classes to get a run in. I hopped on the tredmill and the first few strides I thought I was going down or flying off the machine. I swear it felt like my skin was ripping open. Yes dramatic I know, but man oh man my heel was in pain!

Being an athletic training student at the time I actually had a first aid kit on me (dork status I know) and was ready for a bloody site. Yet, instead when I took my shoe and sock off there was a quarter size blister instead of a massive laceration. That bad boy killed all day…

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Come on Norwich City! How this hat saved me when I hit the wall

I like to wear a hat when I run – not least because I am ‘follicularly challenged’.

So for training runs and the Edinburgh Marathon I wore a Norwich City cap.

This had a number of side-effects. Continue reading “Come on Norwich City! How this hat saved me when I hit the wall”

Running into trouble with an X-rated blog…apparently

They say you turn into your parents eventually.But if that’s the case, my transformation is a pretty circuitous route – my dad preferred darts to running, five pints instead of 5ks, the Sun on Sunday instead of the Sunday Times…

You get the picture – similar but different.


Continue reading “Running into trouble with an X-rated blog…apparently”

Why this man’s app could revolutionise the way you train for your run

By Shaun Lowthorpe

Back in 2000 Sean Radford had an idea to develop a piece of computer software that would help you train for your running event from a 10k to an ultra-marathon.

But the tech-based innovation was ahead of its time and so he put it aside to concentrate on his NHS career working in hospitals across the East of England.

Fast forward to 2016 and the technology has caught up and his idea is now ‘TrainAsOne’ a system which he believes will revolutionise the way runners will train. Continue reading “Why this man’s app could revolutionise the way you train for your run”

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