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January 2017

Have I been walking myself fit?

After recently putting together some objectives for the year, I had barely got started with my running routine, when I noticed something strange had been going on…


I seem to be losing weight.


Yet with only a week down of my plan to increase to three runs a week (which I achieved in week one btw), the scales told their own story, I was definitely less heavy than I was just a few weeks ago.


Mileagewise, I’m pretty sure that three laps around my local park in Hellesdon, and a 45 minute Sunday long run were not the reason.


So what is it? Continue reading “Have I been walking myself fit?”

Have you set your running goals for the year?

Happy New Year!

I managed my first parkrun of the year at Catton Park last week. It was a good run and busier than normal as lots of runners from Norwich Road Runners took part in a special run in memory of Mark Ring.



With the New Year comes the chance to set some running goals for the year.

Personally, I find they help and it’s funny how when I write things down, they tend to happen.

Here are my first goals so far: Continue reading “Have you set your running goals for the year?”

Christmas Day – to run or not to run? Did I miss a new trend..?

Is there a new trend to run on Christmas Day?

Christmas has been and gone, and for me the big dilemma was ‘to run or not to run’.

Was it just me, or were there a lot more people were out and about running over Yuletide?

A running buddy of mine swears by her Christmas Day run, loving the quiet of being out on December 25 when no-one else is about. I joined her one year and know exactly what she means.

But it seems like more people are getting in on the act. Continue reading “Christmas Day – to run or not to run? Did I miss a new trend..?”

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