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February 2017

From parkrun to marathon -meet the man who used his thinking skills to get up and running

By Shaun Lowthorpe

Main picture of Stuart Sayer courtesy of

When Stuart Sayer finished running the Marriot’s Way half marathon on February 19 his first thought was how come his running buddies Clive and Angela had finished so strongly ahead of him – even though they had done the Brundall Parkrun the day before, whereas he had opted to marshall instead?

Thinking is a big part of what the 57-year-old does – it is at the heart of his day job running Upthinkers which helps train people in improving their thinking skills at work, though he has also used the techniques to help others, including a local under-13s football team get back to winning ways.

It also underpins another venture he is embarking on as part of Yellow Brick Road with businessman Ian Hacon, who as it happens, has also become a successful tri-athlete.

(If you don’t have much time right now – here is at an at a glance at what I learned from Stuart)

Five tips on how to think yourself into the runner you want to be based on speaking to Stuart.

  1. Visualise the outcome you want to achieve – and write it down, even
  2. ‘Chunk’ your run into manageable stages
  3. Start small and build up
  4. Always see yourself as a runner (and may be join a club)
  5. Think big! (or Upthink as Stuart might put it)


And it is something which has informed Stuart’s approach to running, too. Continue reading “From parkrun to marathon -meet the man who used his thinking skills to get up and running”

Parkrun tourism – destination Mulbarton

Organisers celebrate 200th parkrun event

I’ve always fancied taking a trip abroad which would combine a marathon or half..Dublin, Amsterdam, Tokyo anybody?


And it’s always been a dream to head to Seville for a run – the one which happens around New Year (if it’s still going that is).


But with half term upon us, there will be no exotic overseas breaks for me to escape the grey and easterly chill that is our weather right now.


Nope, in fact I’m staying home this half-term, as I have done for since well…well since my kids have been born, and certainly since I have been married.


In fact, my first foray into the growing phenomenon of so-called parkrun tourism was somewhere a little less exotic… Mulbarton. Continue reading “Parkrun tourism – destination Mulbarton”

You’re..Once..Twice..Three times Saucony

One of my missions this year was to get myself some new running shoes.


In fact, it was one of the three goals I had set myself for 2017 – and like a newly inaugurated president I have pretty much ticked them off the to do list in just over a week, albeit minus the diplomatic rancour.


Pretty good going, I thought – though in the case of running three times a week, does it count if you only managed it once so far?


In any case, back to the shoes, and have you ever tried gait analysis? Continue reading “You’re..Once..Twice..Three times Saucony”

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