Have I been walking myself fit?

After recently putting together some objectives for the year, I had barely got started with my running routine, when I noticed something strange had been going on…


I seem to be losing weight.


Yet with only a week down of my plan to increase to three runs a week (which I achieved in week one btw), the scales told their own story, I was definitely less heavy than I was just a few weeks ago.


Mileagewise, I’m pretty sure that three laps around my local park in Hellesdon, and a 45 minute Sunday long run were not the reason.


So what is it?


Well, I bought some new trainers and running pants – that made me a bit lighter in cash terms, but not that much, surely?


And we have been trying to introduce some portion control – in fact my wife leaves some clear gaps on the plate, when she dishes up, though I am prone to seconds, which may just counteract her good intentions.


The other thing we’ve been doing is having a dry January – which for me means most nights except for one weekend when I caught up with some friends down the pub (a rare night out, in fact), and last Friday night after watching La-La Land at Cinema City and celebrating a new contract win (great film, btw though wasn’t sure about the ending).


But while they might all have played a part, the real reason I think the weight might be coming off is that I am walking more.


This is probably more by accident than design. But ever since I gave up work to set up my own business, it meant I could no longer take advantage of the staff car park in the centre of Norwich, and though the city has plenty of car parks – including the impressive (to my mind at least) Rose Lane, parking in the city centre can all add up cost wise.


Which is why when I needed to go into the city I’ve been parking up on the outskirts and walking in, which I reckon is a good mile or two (I fear that makes me one of those annoying on street parkers, though, but will carry on regardless until permits are introduced …is that wrong..)


And hey presto – I think that’s what’s helping me get (a bit) slimmer.


So which works best for losing weight – running or walking. It seems for me in a totally unscientific way it’s the latter, but I suspect it’s probably a combination of the two.


And if the weight is coming off, then who cares?


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