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Let’s be brief the trouble with running is its pants!

Why can’t you buy running briefs anymore?

A friend of mine posted a very interesting question on Facebook this week. He was going away for three nights and thus wanted to know that all important question – how many pairs of pants should he pack?

There are a couple of answers here which you can select as appropriate:

 1.      3

2.      4

3.      6

4.      8

5.      1  (the Helen Mirren – don’t worry I’ll explain later)

6. 0

Or to explain in more detail

3 – keeps you covered

4 –  gives you a ‘plus one’ option

6 – is a twice a day change, like an evening wear option, so to speak

8 – is the same as four but you double your money, just in case

1 – is the Helen Mirren option (apparently, she never takes luggage when she travels but buys her clothes from charity shops when she gets there – I read that in a newspaper interview once, so it must be correct).

0 – the Pointless answer

But it got me thinking about a burning question of mine – why can’t you buy running briefs anymore?


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Mr Bremner’s big run for the miners

October 25 1984 was a big news day in Norwich. At Carrow Road a fire was engufling the City Stand which was keeping the reporters and photographers busy.

So busy, in fact, that they almost missed another little piece of history that was about to play out outside City Hall, one that reaches back into Norwich’s political heritage.

You might know Bert Bremner – certainly if, like me, you went to Mile Cross Middle School where he taught for many years, you’d be hard pressed not too.

He’s a teacher you never forget, who alongside Mr (Colin) Foster and Mr (Paul) Davies helped get me into running via the school’s cross country club, and my first ever event a ‘fun run’ round Norfolk Showground. I’d have been about nine or so, so my love of running has been with me throughout my life, and it’s those teachers I have to thank. They also encouraged me to write school football reports, so I see now how they sowed the seeds of my career as a writer too.

Bert’s recently called time on his career as a Norfolk county councillor for the university ward, where he was succeeded at the recent election by Dave Rowntree of Blur fame.

But we’re still in touch on Facebook and when Bert, or ‘Sir’, as I still think of him, posted some pictures showing his younger self kitted out for a run in support of striking miners, I went to see him to find out more.


Mr Bremner.jpeg
Bert Bremner recalls his big run for the miners. Main pic Bert, left, and his running buddy John at Newark


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End of an era for Umberto as Vegan restaurant gets set to open in St Benedict’s Street

For nearly 25 years he has been a feature of Norwich’s restaurant scene.

But now Umberto Iannello is calling it a day with plans to put his feet up and to travel – including a trip to see his daughter in San Francisco, and spending more time in Southern Italy where he was born.

The 78-year-old has been at the helm of Umberto’s in St Benedict’s Street since October 1992, serving his own blend of fine Italian and rustic dishes.

But on March 15 the restaurant closed its doors for the last time following a sale of the leasehold to new buyers.

Umberto's front


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I’ve just signed up to Run Norwich 2017

After much ‘umming’ and ‘ahhing’ – I’ve decided to bite the bullet and sign up to Run Norwich for the third time.

After taking part in the first two I’d been giving serious thought about whether to make it third time lucky.

But here’s the thing, my running this year has lacked the focus of having an event to train for.

It was time to get back in the game, give myself a reason to get out in the morning, afternoon, or evening.

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Adrian’s 3.2 mile run back to medieval Norwich

Running and taking in the splendours of Norwich’s medieval churches is not something, you suspect, most people would normally consider doing at the same time.

But for Adrian Galvin it is a combination which he hopes will be attractive to those looking for some trail running around the Fine City – with a bit of history thrown in.


Adrian Galvin organiser of Flintspiration & Perspiration (1)
Adrian Galvin


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Why Wolf Hall has set me on the Tudor running trail

I love a good book, and Wolf Hall is supposed to be one of the best.

But the truth is it took me longer to read it than it did to train for the Edinburgh Marathon. Continue reading “Why Wolf Hall has set me on the Tudor running trail”

Guest Blog: Why it’s time to say goodbye to the dorgs at Norwich parkrun

Man’s best friend gets the boot at Eaton Park and there’s a wolf about.. or is there, wonders Milton Lindsay

Spring is in the air and a middle-aged (56-year-old) man’s thoughts turn to…remembering to put the clock forward, making sure the cricket kit is in order, cutting the lawn, listening out for the first cuckoo….

In fact almost anything but CHRISTMAS!

Yet bizarrely that is what was on my mind at Norwich Parkrun recently. Continue reading “Guest Blog: Why it’s time to say goodbye to the dorgs at Norwich parkrun”

The foot towel at the bottom of the stairs

For me the best time to write, I’ve found, is straight after a run, when my mind is bursting with ideas.

For my wife, it’s probably about 11pm when everyone is in bed, as she’s been left all morning with the kids etc and has a list of things to task me with.

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Run Norfolk and run the world!

You may have noticed that it’s been a big week for Britain internationally with Article 50 and all that.

Croissants may well be off the menu in future, as the nation returns to Great British Bacon and Eggs (though try telling that to the East of England Co-op), and we may have to renegotiate our entry into Eurovision.

But on the flipside other international opportunities may well lie ahead.

And in that spirit, I thought I’d share with you something that I’ve noticed for a while – that Runnorfolk is being read by people across the world.

Brexit poll:

When Article 50 was triggered did you want to:

1.       Run away

2.       Run up the flags

3.       Go for a run


I’ve just checked and people from 34 countries have visited the site at some point, and thanks to all those who have been reading wherever you are in the world!

Here are the top 5 in terms of visitor numbers: Continue reading “Run Norfolk and run the world!”

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