The foot towel at the bottom of the stairs

For me the best time to write, I’ve found, is straight after a run, when my mind is bursting with ideas.

For my wife, it’s probably about 11pm when everyone is in bed, as she’s been left all morning with the kids etc and has a list of things to task me with.

It’s a creative difference.

This morning was a glorious 5km run to Catton Park and back, taking in a lap of Hellesdon Rec along the way – where I spotted this tree.

And then back home and showered and sitting in the garden with cereal and coffee and writing this.

And some time to take in the view and the admire the garden.

Towel one

And then the foot towel flutters down the stairs.

Foot towel

As it always does.

“Oh ho ho,” I say in comedy Norfolk voice. “I’ve forgotten again, you still love me though, and you keep reminding me, ho, ho, ho!”

“Just as I have done every time for the last six years..”

I did remember after my run on Thursday, I think to myself.

But soon order is gloriously restored.

Towel 2

Lists are issued, it’s off to the Co-op for me and my son, and there’s a new door to varnish.

“And make sure you hang it on the line from the top end.”

Of course, my loveliness.

Towel 3.jpg

There are those that see the blossoms and those that sort the towels out.

And in this house – you need both.

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