New route for Broadland Half marathon 2019

When the Facebook message popped up for the Broadland Half marathon 2019 it immediately caught my interest.

Under the heading ‘exciting news for the 2019 race’ it state that there is going to be a new route for 2019 – and it’s going to start at the Dinosaur Park – not that we call it the dinosaur park these days, you may have noticed that it’s called Roar…or actually Roarr Dinosaur Adventure.

Broadland Half Marathon 2019 will start at 9.30am

Oh well, I don’t think my four-year-old will notice, but he’s not going to be running it

Organisers of the Broadland half marathon 2019 reveal a new route is planned
Organisers of the Broadland half marathon 2019 reveal a new route is planned

Make a note in your diary Next year’s Broadland Half Marathon takes place on March 3

According to the organisers it looks like the growing success of the race has prompted the change, it also means that parking will be a lot easier in the Dinosaur Park than it currently is when you try and wend your way to South Walsham.

I’ve only run Broadland once but I liked the Broadland Half route, so it will be interesting to see what the new iteration will look like and where it will go.

The other thing is that with this year’s Broadland Half being rescheduled to November after falling foul of the Beast from the East, the Broadland Half marathon 2019 may come hot on its heels, but it will feel like a completely different event.

It may also tempt some runners to head to Norfolk instead of the Cambridge Half which is set to take place on the same day.

Cancelling this year’s race has actually totally changed my race plans for the year. First off it forced me to make a quick switch to the City of Norwich half marathon. And then with a big gap to fill – I made the decision, may be it was just plain madness to sign up to the Richmond Marathon on September 16.

I shudder to think that is less than a month away, but despite wondering whether I’ll be able to cope training has been going steadily – gently increasing long runs and trying not to get injured – and I’m focusing more on a run/walk approach. But I’ll write more about that later.

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