What next now that the Broadland Half Marathon has been cancelled?

We will be back – vows Broadland Half Marathon organiser

So the beast from the East has unleashed its mighty roar ripping havoc into this weekend’s planned running events and putting paid to this year’s Broadland Half Marathon.

In as much as snow can raw that is, or has it enveloped us in its icy grip?

Either way, whether you were like me and gearing up for the Broadland Half, getting some long runs in for your marathon, or doing your local parkrun, we’re all going to be twiddling our thumbs waiting for the ice to thaw.

Except for the hardcore runners and that bloke running around Norwich in his shorts with a flowerpot on his head.

And of course, if you’re nipping over the border to the Cambridge Half Marathon then you’re in luck as that’s still going ahead, if you can get out of Norfolk that is.

And can you believe that this is March?

So what next?

Tina Moseley one of the organisers of the Broadland Half told me via Facebook that it was a tough decision to cancel, not least as the roads could be clear by Sunday, but safety was the most important thing

“We will be back!” she wrote. And let’s hope she’s right. Organisers are planning to update what will happen next, which I guess means whether they will try and find another date or refund everyone and try again next year.

In fact, I’ve not known anything like it since the City of Norwich Half Marathon was cancelled in November 2010. And the weather back then was more akin to a simpering poodle compared to the Beast, though unlike some runners I didn’t much fancy running in the snow.

The more serious runners among you may have another half up your sleeve, or at least some kind of winter contingency plan.

But for me it’s back to the drawing board. After all of that cross training and trying to Run Less, Run Faster I finished my last 10 mile long run on Sunday feeling in great shape.

This was where my focus was and it was only afterwards I was going to think about what next.

So now I either have to start again, or find another event in the not too distant future.

But most of all I just want to get outside and get running again.


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