A little bit of Unthank Road atop a Welsh Brynn and why I didn’t run the Swansea Half Marathon

I’ve just come back from a trip to Wales – Reynoldston in Gower, South Wales, to be precise.

It was great, we stayed in Hills Farmhouse a lovely farm cottage with views towards the bays, somewhere beyond the mist and clouds I think, and the in-laws were there, too, all of them.

It was great…

But actually, I’ve learned something on these trips, when it feels like there are too many people under one roof – take your running kit and head for the hills!

It was the weekend of the Swansea Half Marathon

If I’d been a bit more prepared I would have realised that the weekend coincided with the Swansea half marathon (I only worked it out as I drove through and the saw the signs warning the streets would be closed on the Sunday)

But hey, may be next time, eh?

The scenery is pretty dramatic – check out the beaches at Rhosilli, and Three Cliffs Bay, and I saw some beach runners while I was there, lucky so-and-sos.


Three Cliffs Bay Wales
Three Cliffs Bay, Gower, it’s not Holkham is it?


Think Cornish cliff faces and bays and Poldark and you get the picture – but with hiking boots and Regatta tops, and no cream teas.

In fact, Rhosilli is right up there in the world’s top 10 alongside the beaches of Florida and Hawaii and according to Trip Advisor is in the UK’s Top 3 – what after Holkham and Waxham, I hear you say? Brace yourself, but it’s actually better, I know I couldn’t believe it either, but there you go.

But the farm cottage backed straight onto a heathland – known locally as the Brynn.

So it was a great chance for a bit of trail running over the hills.

The route overlooks several bays – I think in one direction it was Llanelli I could see in the distance, and you’re sharing the trails with wild ponies, grazing cows, and walkers.

I like hill running – and if the Tom Tom is to be believed I wasn’t doing too badly either.

That’s not to say Norfolk is flat – Mousehold anyone, or that long hill out of Sheringham?

But you can’t beat the hills.

And luckily help was at hand to direct me to a good route.

Are you from Norwich?

“Are you from Norwich?” the man asked outside the Post Office.

“Yes, how do you know?”

“Your Run Norwich top.”


“My wife and I live there – we’re here visiting the in-laws.”

“Whereabouts in the city are you..erm..”

“Unthank Road.”

“Right. I’m here with my in-laws they live near the Catholic Cathedral.”

But he didn’t take the bait, and I didn’t ask – I mean it could be anywhere from the Earlham Road end on, couldn’t it? But I reckon it’s nearer the Newmarket Road end, you know near Judges Walk, that sort of thing, hence the silence. I mean not that I’m one to judge or anything, but..

“They call it the Brynn, and it stretches for quite a bit,” he continued.  “You can do quite a circuit.”

“Excellent, well I’ll try and run a loop – see how I go! Nice to meet you!”

“Enjoy your run!”

Cuh! Norwich, eh?


Brynn run wales
Hardly the Golden Triangle but wild ponies couldn’t put me off my morning run






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