Happy New Year!

I managed my first parkrun of the year at Catton Park last week. It was a good run and busier than normal as lots of runners from Norwich Road Runners took part in a special run in memory of Mark Ring.



With the New Year comes the chance to set some running goals for the year.

Personally, I find they help and it’s funny how when I write things down, they tend to happen.

Here are my first goals so far:

1.      Get back to running three times a week

2.      Get my ankle checked out (it’s been giving my gip for ages and I keep ignoring it – anybody know any good physios.

3.      Buy some new trainers (it occurred to me that this might solve problem 2)


But if you want any more clues one of my big goals is this..






Then stepping up from that – I’m looking at some more specifics, though I’ve not got far on the detail


1.      Sign up for the Marriot’s Way half marathon (though I don’t have much time to get in shape)


2.      Sign up for a half for May/June – I’ve not got anything in mind as yet be doing a bit of research on where to try out, but all ideas welcome


3.      Get to more events across Norfolk – say the Dereham 10 miles, or Freethorpe 10


And I’m also wondering if now is the time to bite the bullet and join a running club. I did go along to Norwich Road Runners a few years ago for a couple of weeks. But back then work always got in the way.

However, now that I have set up my own business, I’m wondering if it might be worth another try.

In any case, with last Saturday’s park run under my belt and two runs this week, with another planned for Sunday morning, I feel I am well on my way – though probably not quite ready to tick goal number one off my list!




·        I hope you have had a good break and are feeling refreshed as you get back to running – or if you are reading this because you are new to running then I wish every success as you start your running journey!




What are your running goals for the year? Share them with us in the comments section below.